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In TROUBLE may be too late

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

is my absolute wish for business owners in 2022… PLEASE don’t wait to call me (or anyone for that matter) for help until you have pretty much put you and your business in the ditch.

There is only so much that you, I and the powers that be can do if the patient stopped breathing a week ago .

So the message is this… a proactive approach on your part really does matter. Your gut knows that something just isn’t going right long before you are in real trouble.

Pay attention to your gut!

It is telling you that NOW is the time to reach out. In response to your gut, the typical entrepreneur will probably say..“well, we don’t really have the money to hire someone to help us”. Without the luxury of seeing what the future holds in store; if you are honest with yourself, ask the question…

What could happen if we don’t get help?”

Folks, the downsides of a business failure can be devastating…Your wallet, your health, your relationships. The cost to keep you from careening into the ditch are laughable against those real hazards.

But I think we are in trouble now. Can’t you help? Maybe

I will certainly take a look. But, I will be painfully honest in my assessment. Only in the hope that, if in fact, you’re hanging by a thread, maybe there is a way to help you minimize the losses on the way out or… maybe, just maybe there will be a path back to health.

Please don’t get to that point.


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