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Small Business Coaching & Consulting

Small business is hard. It's OK to ask for help

This Stuff is FUN!

Over the last 20 years as a small business consultant, my phone would ring... the call usually starts out very business like. Everything's cool, the voice on the other end seems like they just want to chat. But I can sense it... something is a little off... their business is not quite performing and they're scared. They can't see the forest for the flames.

A great deal of the time it is the owner of an electrical/ heavy equipment/ retail/ engineering / food service business who is awesome at his or her craft but have realized that fact does not mean they magically acquired the skills to  



Typically, after our 45 minute chat, they've relaxed. They've just been assured that what they are experiencing is nothing new. LOTS of business owners are in the same boat.


So...we take a collective breath... we make a plan and we get down to it.


But, If I May...

PLEASE don't wait until your business is in trouble. Connect early when your are not in trouble. Connect when...

  • You need a nudge to up your game

  • It 'seems' like it 's going OK, but maybe it could be better

  • You have questions about "HOW TO"

  • You are wondering about the merits of your new idea or concept

  • You want to start out right.

  • You need someone to play the 'Devil's Advocate'

  • You realize you don't know it all, and it makes sense to reach out

I really can save business owners so much pain and agony (and a ton of money) if I get them on the right track early and KEEP them there!

Areas of Expertise


Business Start-Ups
LOVE 'em!!

  • Is it a solid concept?

  • Does it really get you excited?

  • Why do you think this is wise?

  • Have you got enough cash?

  • Do you know your competitors?

  • I'm looking for flaws

(Better now then when you're in deep)


Costing Analysis

  • Have you factored ALL of the costs?

  • Let's look at your spreadsheets

  • How are you going to price?

  • Profitable or running on cash flow?

  • Is your labour cost too high?

  • Do you need the big office?


Internal Processes/Systems

  • What has to happen to create your product or service?

  • Who is involved?

  • Manual or automated?

  • Are you duplicating steps?

  • How often do you touch something?

  • Are you efficient and cost effective?

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Hired Gun

Quite often business owners/ CEOs have specific initiatives they would love to undertake. However, they don't have the talent internally to be successful, so the project languishes.

Typically the initiative does not justify hiring a full time employee. (Never mind whether the required skill set is even available).These are the occasions where I have been brought in to focus exclusively on one task.


No HR involvement, no hand holding required.


Project Management

I have managed over 160 employees in my 34+ years of business ownership. I have been tasked with completely overhauling several corporations. I can assist with:

  • Setting the targets

  • Helping to establish the budget

  • Managing the resources

  • Defining milestones

  • Ongoing status reporting 

  • Ensuring that the goals are met


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

How are you tracking...

  • Your customer order status?

  • Your interactions with them?

  • Can you instantly locate common clients by defined criteria?

  • Do your sales reps have access to the clients' service interactions

  • Do you have the historic information allowing you to upsell or cross-sell to them?

  • Information and access are GOLD



  • Are your colors consistent?

  • Is your message consistent?

  • Can I spot your product anywhere?

  • Does it make people FEEL something?

  • Does it instill trust?

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Feel free to connect

I am here to assist. Contact me by phone or email

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