coaching vs. consulting

As a small business consultant/coach, I have worked with folks who are truly lost.  They are often afraid and pretty much wandering around in the weeds.  For these folks, I listen to the issues they are facing, take them by the hand, affirm that it is, in fact, not the end of the world and then map out a distinct plan to get them out of the muck and pointed in the right direction.  If that sounds like you....That's AOK.

But for many others, that’s not really what they need.  They just need some affirmation, some challenging questions posed to them or, perhaps, someone who isn’t in the middle of the madness and who can get them to view their situation differently.  Someone to be…

  • a sounding board
  • the devil’s advocate
  • that 30,000 foot viewpoint
  • a challenger to your well-worn beliefs
  • that perfect little TWEAK that's needed
  • the one to ASK the right questions

Here is a good example of the difference between a small business coach and a consultant: (I realize its a bit of a guy thing)...


A business COACH will help you understand how and why you play hockey, help you to determine what's holding you back from being a fantastic hockey player, and stand on the bench and cheer while you play in the big game

A business CONSULTANT will explain why you’re coming up short on the rink, teach you how to skate and shoot properly, and if necessary, take your shift on the ice for you.


BUT….here is where I can be of the most value to you in either scenario…..


Can I help at that point? Absolutely.

But if you've got that gut feeling that things just aren't as they should be and you can't quite grasp why... Take a moment and ask for help.

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